Saturday, January 12, 2008

Busy but Blessed Times

This is the part of the school year I typically dread. TAKS time. It's rough getting my kids through this period. They are tired (I'm tired) the rest of the year is before us--- they have 3 tests to prepare for, mounting pressure... and spring break over 42 days away! I've learned more about making the "drab" seasons of life more manageable. I've recognized that I need to praise through it all. I've told my kids this, but I know I need to apply it to my own life as well- we're running a marathon here, not a sprint. It's about keeping the pace, steadily progressing, accepting help along the way. Thank you, Lord that you run with us. It is really all we need.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Turning Points

It seems strange, I never though this time would come. I've always been the "early bird." Married young, always waiting for everyone else to catch up, and now I nearly feel behind. A wave of desire for motherhood has come upon me.

In the vain hope of getting as much sleep as possible on this last day before returning to my post as 5th grade teacher- I restled with unending questions, hopes, & desires at 6 this morning. I finally gave up at 7:20 and officially started the day.

I feel satisfied. God has so richly blessed me with an amazing husband (of 6 years!), a great teaching job, fabulous friends, a wonderful home... what more could I ask for? This gnawing feeling that ebbs in my heart every day now to be a mother is both foreign and curious. Could it be that I've reached a turning point?

Ben and I know we're "ready." What does that mean really?