Tuesday, September 18, 2012

10 months old

Another month has come and gone.  Now is about the time when I pull the blanket over my head and say, "Nope! He won't be one in a couple months, no way!" ;) And on a side note, I really need to do a better job of snapping some pics between now and then! The baby book is lookin' a little scant for the past couple of months... poor second child. :)

It's a fun and busy stage that JB is in right now (I think I may have been saying that for a few months, but oh well! I think that from 6 months on that's kind of how it goes for babies).  Here are a few of the high points:

  • Cruising and pulling up on just about anything
  • JB will get brave from time to time and pull away from the furniture for second to stand up
  • Pushing behind chairs and those little toys that you can push around the room
  • Not a new thing, but JB is easily "spooked" haha. I know it is terrible to laugh at, but it is kinda hilarious that if he is in another room and you walk in on him while he is in his "zone" he totally will let out a shrill scream.  He's my sweet and sensitive guy ;)
  • Loves dancing and bee-boppin' to whatever music is playing
  • He is getting good at initiating a game of peek-a-boo with a blanket or burp cloth, waving hi and bye, and doing excited arms or all-done
  • Much to mommy's chagrin, waking up usually once a night with random crying- think he's getting his molars, but unfortunately he just has to cry a bit and then will go back to sleep ;( in good Oehlschlaeger form, it takes like a month for my kids' teeth to come in....
  • Still thinks most table foods are gross, but he loves to eat yogurt (good for hiding fruits and veggies) and cheerios from a snack trap.  JB also sports his own cup now, but prefers his sister's haha. Still nursing and getting bottles now about half and half.
  • Nine (... ok almost 10 month) stats from well visit: 22.2 lbs, 28 3/4 inches = Average size for a baby sumo.  Future wrestler or linebacker?? At any rate, we think your baby rolls are quite adorable and look awesome on you, kiddo!
Love you, buddy!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mystery of Mercy

I am the woman at the well, I am the harlot
I am the scattered seed that fell along the path
I am the son that ran away
And I am the bitter son that stayed

My God, my God why hast thou accepted me
When all my love was vinegar to a thirsty King?

I am the angry man who came to stone the lover
I am the woman there ashamed before the crowd
I am the leper that gave thanks
But I am the nine that never came

My God, my God why hast thou accepted me
When all my love was vinegar to a thirsty King?

You made the seed that made the tree
That made the cross that saved me
You gave me hope when there was none
You gave me your only Son

~Caedmon's Call

Monday, September 10, 2012

Gettin' back in the groove

Ben is back to school and it is time for us to get back into more of a routine at home.  I've been challenged by a book I've been reading called A Wife After God's Own Heart. It has helped me to think once again about where I am placing my priorities, time, and efforts.  As well as asking the Lord to help me be efficient towards His service in my home first and foremost.  I think Elizabeth George is so wise- I would love to pick her brain.  I think the Lord has really given her a gift, and I always feel so blessed when I read a chapter. It's not about being perfect, but about asking my Father how I can best serve my husband and children.  It has been neat lately for me to see the joy that He is providing in that.  My heart feels full when I am spending my time focusing on them and less on some other things that had been distracting me. And boy am I easily distracted...

Some quotes I'm thinking about from the book:

  • The essential disciplines of prayer, Bible study, and worship equip us to run with vigor and stamina. Train diligently. Growing in the Lord is made up of those simple things.
  • Never be too busy to take care of your spiritual growth.
  • Pray for your husband three times a day
  • Show greater respect for your husband (am I looking when he's talking? refraining from interrupting? using sweet speech?)
  • At the first hint of self-pity or frustration, pray
  • Delayed obedience is disobedience
  • Grow in character, be content with what you have, support your husband's efforts, and be a diligent homemaker, live a simpler life, be more prayerful and creative about taking care of your family's needs at home
  • Is your gaze fixed at home? Fuss over your home and family. Take joy in being there.
  • How do we work? Heartily as unto the LORD and not unto MEN
  • It is your assignment from your Heavenly Father to teach and train your sons and daughters to respect others, to share, to be kind, to handle money properly, to work at a job, to be honest, to stay pure...
  • Pray faithfully for all family members
  • Your job from God is to help your husband, to nurture your relationship with him, to love and care for your children, and to be about the business of building your house.