Saturday, April 30, 2011

Emme has a secret to tell...

Can you guess what it is? :)

We are so excited to meet Baby #2 in mid November!!!

Easter Pics

We had a wonderful time celebrating the Resurrection with friends and family.  After church we went to the Srader's house for lunch and an egg hunt.  Rylan and Emme had a blast looking for eggs... and eating the contents :)

Sweet friends!

Family pic
Swinging after the hunt!
He is Risen- and that is why we celebrate!

Friday, April 22, 2011

San Antonio Trip

We got to join Daddy for the annual CHS choir trip- this year it was just a few short hours away in San Antonio! We had such a blast on our family vacation.

San Marcos Outlet

 Made a bee line for the shoes at Gymboree ;)

 Family pic at the Hard Rock Cafe

Sea World was so much fun!

 Feeding the dolphins with Daddy

Mesmorized by the huge fish tanks!

Carousel with Mommy

Splash Zone!

Ferris Wheel with Dad

 Peace, Love, Choir, Baby!

Lovin' some Daddy time!

Emme's World- 20 months

  • You have just recently started getting air under your "jumps" as you call them
  • Babies and all things concerning them (paci, blanket, bottle, diaper, etc.) are pretty much an obsession
  • You still love to eat pretty much any time, pretty much anything
  • Ever the organizer, your toys all have a home and you are very good about cleaning up any messes
  • In fact, you've been know to cry over spilled milk :)
  • Emotions run high around our house lately and you are never afraid to express your delight or distaste
  • Open mouth kisses and lots and lots of hugs are in order and I never tire of the affection! I think we get more snuggles now than ever before!
  • You still love, love, love to read. Current favorites include Good Night Moon, Let's Celebrate Jesus on Easter!, Baby Colors, and the Veggie Tales book God Made You Special
  • Speaking of Veggie Tales... it is all we can listen to in the car now. You cry when I have to take the CD back to the library! So we had to invest in a couple of our own :) You will also tolerate anywhere from 10-15 minutes of TV now (and by TV I mean either Veggie Tales or The Wiggles... don't even try anything else!!) It is so funny- you are very particular and like what you like! And you go get your bean bag chair to sit on, usually request something to drink, and then turn off the dvd player and take your bean bag chair back to the corner when you are done- so funny!
  • You are officially paci free! Woo hoo! Mommy and Daddy told you that you were a big girl now and big girl's don't have pacis anymore. (Sort of unsure how that would go over.) It was hard... but we pulled it cold turkey! You did sooooo great. We should have had more faith in our big girl because you handled it like a pro. You even took a great nap that first day without it.
  • Night times have a ritual of bath with Daddy and then books and prayer time with Mommy around 8. Then Daddy comes in and sings to you before you go to sleep. Since we took paci it usually takes about 5-10 minutes or so before you settle down, but then you are out until 8 ish the next morning!
  • You still love to dance and sing. When Mommy sings to you, almost every time I finish a song you will say, "More!!"
  • You are definitely a helper. Even at church the nursery workers say that you are the first to help out with other babies (they say you need a sibling) :). And at home you gladly help Mama with laundry, vaccuuming, dust buster, even wiping down counter tops.  We are a good team.
  • You are learning more and more about what it means to obey... without throwing a fit :) We pray for a cheerful heart that is repentant and seeks to know the Lord even at an early age.  You are also learning to look in Mommy and Daddy's eyes and to say "Yes Ma'am, or Yes Sir" We pray for a tender and teachable heart!
  • You are so fun to listen to when we are praying. Mommy can hardly say "Pray" before "Yaya, Dada, Bubba, Nick" comes out of your mouth.  You love to pray for others.
  • You love playing outside with Clara the cat, or with chalk, or bubbles
  • You love to "draw" especially with markers :)  seriously you will be entertained with art supplies for 30 minutes at a time!
  • You are really good at puzzles and stacking blocks and such- I think you have a very organized mind. You have a plan for how you like to do things.
  • I love being your mommy :)

Baby Blue... bonnets that is :)

    Not so much a fan of sitting in them

Maybe more like running through them

     Or stopping to smell them 

We love our little flower girl!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Emme’s words (In No Particular Order or Significance) - 20 Months

Just thought I should try to document a few things to sort of catch up on all the fun stuff Emme is doing/saying right now. So I am starting by listing out the common words she will say, unsolicited and unprompted. I am sure I am leaving some out but I am doing my best to try and make up a list. I should add that she will pretty much try and say anything if you ask her too (yikes!) :)

Mama, Mommy, Dada, Daddy, Meme (Emme), slide, chalk, cat, Clara, dog, jump, walk, diaper, wipe, bath, eat, nose, eye, mouth, ear, hair, neck, back, toes, shoes, cheese, Veggie Tales, egg, jelly, apple, nana (banana),YaYa (Rylan), Bubba (Ransom), Nick, Papa, nacks (snacks), poon (spoon), pray, play, Jesus, book, Bible, paci, blanket, seat, bottle, cup, milk, juice, trash, cracker, church, no, yes, yeah, hat, sun, teeth, water, brush, Casey, kiss, car, bus, bird, fish, clock, light, down, up, close, please, thank you, ball, baby, balloon, shirt, pants, sorry, bubbles, duck, blocks, bow, socks, two, eight, go, hop, cereal, boo boo, draw