Wednesday, February 15, 2012

3 Month Update

Another month has just flown by! It is time to update the blog and the baby book... which I really need to work on!!

  • Let's just cut to the important stuff... drum roll... JB started sleeping through the night at about 12 weeks old! Woo hoo! We started having Daddy give him a bottle at 10 or 10:30 and that seemed to help him sleep through most of the night.  Then on Super Bowl Sunday, he randomly slept straight through the 5 am feeding, and has been doing that ever since.  Can you tell that sleep makes me really happy? Here is a picture taken the morning that I found him still sleeping happily at 8:15 or so. He still has nights where he eats at 5 but overall, I'd say we are "sleeping thru the night"

  • JB is starting to move towards a more extended feeding schedule during the day. Just recently he has begun taking about an hour nap in the morning and then going down around 1 or 1:30 and sleeping for 2-3 hours.  Then he catches a cat nap in the evening before bed time at 8 or 8:30.
  • This little guy also decided to give up his swaddle and using the paci over a couple of days last week.  He just found his thumb and already seems pretty attached... hence he gets super upset (which was a clue to me because it takes a lot to ruffle his feathers) if you try to wrap him up or force a pacifier into his mouth most of the time (much to his sister's chagrin). 
  • Gone are the days of snuggling with mama before naptime or nightime- since he doesn't like to be swaddled anymore, JB prefers that I just set him straight in his crib when he is tired.  Not a bad thing, I know- but I do miss those sweet moments with him!!
  • I couldn't believe it, but JB has started laughing! I wasn't expecting to get treated to giggles so early- but a couple of weeks ago he let out a belly laugh when I was tickling his sides, and now he will laugh for funny faces, peek-a-boo sounds, and pretty much anything that could be considered silly.  He is a very easy laugher (that doesn't sound like a word to me, but oh well!)
  • JB is pulling on his toys on the play mat and will reach for the toys on the bouncer as well.  The playmat is honestly one of his favorite places to be during the day.  He loves the lights and making the rattles shake.  Tummy time is also fun for him.  He will happily play on his boppy pillow and likes to watch what his sister is doing from there.  Emme enjoys tummy time too- haha!

  • JB loves for you to sing to him or do patty cake.  His face just lights up with a huge smile!
  • In true boy form, he has started to make some pretty serious sound effects and blow big bubbles. Cute stuff :)
  • JB is seriously centimeters away from rolling over back to belly. That will be fun to see soon.

I love, love, love my sweet boy and enjoy every second with him.  Here he is with Mr. Giraffe

    Thursday, February 2, 2012

    Goin' to the Lodge

    This post could really be titled, "Continuation of Gotta' Brag on the Hubby" because not only did hubby go out of the way to surprise Emme and I with a treat last week, he also suggested a spontaneous family outing to the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine.  January and February are really busy months at work for Ben, and he has to work a lot of weekends and late nights.  I thought it was very sweet for him to take the time to plan a stay-cation for us considering how crazy life has been.  It was great for us to have time to reconnect as a family.  He took off Monday and we headed out Sunday around noon to our destination.

    Emme had such a blast at Great Wolf!! True to her nature- she was scared of nothing and full of energy.  She went on every slide she could go on about 1,000 times. Two of them were really big- and I heard several people say that there older kids wouldn't even go on it! Of course, by the end she was doing it all by herself :) That is just Emme to a tee. One thing we thought was funny was that she kept saying excitedly, "Dat's really cold! Dat's cold!" when she would come off a slide or attraction in the pool. We finally figured out she was trying to say, "That's cool!" :) Haha- she is a pretty cool little girl.

    The park was full of fun things for her to do.  She loved the wave pool and she liked to get in there with us and then pretend she was baking muffins or brownies which would then be swept under by a wave. She would say, "Oh no!! My brownies! Day at the bottom of da pool!!!" She is so funny and has such a wild imagination.  She also liked riding the little waverunners they had in the kiddie pool.  She liked for us to ride on the back with her and she would put a pretend helmet on us and then "drive" us to various locations like Target, Walmart, Jazzercise, and Church.  (Can you tell that is pretty much where we go these days??) I just love listening to her as she is starting to grow up and have all kinds of stories to tell.

    I wish I had better pictures of our time at the Lodge, but as I have mentioned in previous posts, it is A. really hard to get decent pictures of a toddler and B. even harder now that I have a 2 month old in tow.  Most of my pics now come from my phone- thank goodness for mobile uploads!!  Notice that none of my pics show the actual pool... nice, I know- but at least I got a few of our kiddos!

     Emme was READY to swim as soon as we got there :)

    Grabbing a quick pizza dinner and sporting Great Wolf ears.

    After dinner she was ready to swim again. She and Daddy stayed till it closed at 9 pm!


    Emme's souvenir was a special glitter wand from the gift store :)
    She carried it with her to the pool on Day 2. Haha!!

    JB chilled poolside with mama. (Cool, calm, and contented as always)

    No nap for two days = one exhausted little girl when we finally left at 4pm the next day ;) But she just loved every second of the trip.  And somehow we managed no meltdowns (woohoo!!)

    I couldn't resist a little family time in the photo booth! I love my sweet girl and handsome boys. Hopefully we will go back to Great Wolf again- it was such an awesome time and I loved getting to be with my family for this special occasion.


    Wednesday, February 1, 2012

    Patty Cake