Friday, May 28, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

My dear friend Rachel got to throw out the first pitch at the Rough Riders game in Frisco Thursday night. Of course we had to jump on the chance to head out to the game. A great time was had by all... thanks, Aunt Rachel!!!

Local celebrity, Aunt Rachel!

Our fun friends

Enjoying time as a family

Love my sweet Emme

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


  • Every time you sneeze it makes you laugh!
  • You love to splash in the tub
  • Your lovey is definitely the bumper of your bed- you curl up to it every time you are in the crib
  • You have absolutely no fear of water- at the pool you were playing in the sprayer, splashing and going after your toys even though it was FREEZING!
  • You have 5 teeth but are working on at least 7
  • When we put you in the jumperoo you start jumping as high as you can
  • Textures are so fun for you.  You analyze things with your fingers.
  • You are doing the inch-worm crawl now! Selective crawling is what we call it- you like to go after things like cell phones, wallets, remotes... and Clara the cat :)
  • Other babies are pretty much your favorite thing in the world
  • We should buy stock in Gerber Puffs... you could eat us out of house and home
  • You smile with your whole face- and it is so beautiful!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Most of you mommies out there have probably seen or used these lovely little morsels- Humphrey's "3" all natural teething tablets.  Some people swear by them.  We have used them from time to time to help with the teething process, although I never really noticed anything super magical.  Anyway, we keep them by the diaper stuff and Emme likes to play with the bottle (which makes a nice little maraca noise) while I change her.

Recently Em and I have taken to spending an hour or more outside after lunch and before nap. She is more than happy to play with toys and enjoy the sunny, warm weather- and I can usually get in a chapter or two (bonus of not having a totally mobile baby yet! He he!)

So apparently I didn't notice that Em was still holding on to her little maraca before we headed out the door to the front yard.  Clearly I was lulled by the sound of the shaker because probably 15 minutes after being out there I hear her making a little sucking noise and look over to see she has unscrewed the lid (I personally think that takes some serious fine motor skills!), poured out all of the teething tablets- and started going to town. (I should add that they are totally harmless- and I think I saved her before she had managed to eat too many!) 

Before kids I used to get annoyed by all of the childproof lids... now... well lets just say I have a different opinion!  Guess I've got her new trick for story time! (Just kidding)