Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Baby Story (Emme Edition)

So I am finally sitting down to document the big day... August 7, 2009... a much anticipated day in the Oehlschlaeger household. It brings tears of deepest joy to my eyes just to think back upon the journey- so really I think that I have to back up a bit in order to make the story come full circle.
To really relish the amazing act of God's mercy and kindness that Emme's birth is to our family. I'm sharing it because I believe it is a true testimony of God's faithfulness and His ultimate Hand of Provision in our lives. A timeline, a testament of God's glory in all circumstances.

Praise the Lord- "thankful" is truly not a big enough word...

April/May 08'- Begin the process of "trying"

August 08'- We learn that we are expecting a baby in April 09'

September 08'- 1st ultrasound at 8 weeks shows us a heart beat and baby living in my womb

October 08'- 13 Week appointment determines that our baby has gone to be with Jesus, having no indication that anything was wrong- I have a D & C- as my body has not miscarried naturally.

Thanksgiving 08'- After a period of grieving, searching, and praying- Ben and I take a fabulous trip to the Smoky Mountains. We enjoy time in nature, and relaxing in God's creation. We also get to visit with our family at my brother's house in TN. A beautiful time of healing and peace for us as we really laid the experience to rest as a couple and move forward.

December 08'- Head to the doctor as my hormone levels are having trouble leveling off. Lots of labs, tests, and questions.

January 09'- Praise the Lord, we learn that an amazing miracle has occurred... I am pregnant! Multiple tests and ultrasounds confirmed doctors suspicions, and a heart beat ultimately determines that my due date is August 13, 2009.

January 09'-August 09'- A true walk of trust and seeking the Lord's hand of protection. For me every day was an act of CHOOSING to believe that no matter the outcome, God was for us.

August 7, 2009- I am induced! We could not believe this day had finally arrived!!! Excitement is an understatement!!!

6:30 am- Arrive at the hospital 3 cm. dilated, 80 % effaced after having contractions for about 1 week- but not severe enough to spark active labor.
7:30 am- Receive cervadil to help labor progress
Early afternoon- 5 pm- Start pitocin, about 5 cm. dilated
5:30 pm- Dr. Walsh decides to kick it into high gear and break my water!
5:31 pm- WOW!!!! The party gets started and it is clear that Emme is on the way!
6:30 pm- Decide to get pain meds and epidural, since progress is slow...
8:00 pm (ish)- Receive the epidural and am able to rest for about 2 hours- thank you, Lord! 10:00 pm- Begin pushing! Yeah!!!
11:05 pm- Emme enters the world. Praise the Lord!

What a miracle Emme is. Great is Thy faithfulness....