Sunday, March 30, 2008


I've been thinking lately about one of the things I am most thankful for....

I am really so blessed to have such a Godly, hard-working hubby. Ben is doing overtime right now trying to complete his grad degree in educational administration in addition to the extra hours he constantly puts in as a high school choir teacher. For the UNT program, Ben has to complete 125 hours of admin. observation (outside of his regular day). Not once have I heard him complain.

How lucky am I to have a man who is motivated, willing to make sacrifices, and seeks to please the Lord in his daily walk. I am really excited about our future and all it holds.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Forces of Nature

Thanks to all of you who prayed for a safe trip at Sky Ranch. We really had a great time and the kids truly enjoyed the experience. We had very few hiccups and only a few minor behavior issues. As far as I'm concerned I can mark this year's fifth grade trip a huge SUCCESS! :)

Now you may be wondering why I marked my post as "forces of nature..." Well myself and three of my fellow teachers were part of an experiment at Sky Ranch that involved a zip line and gravity at work! Needless to say my students took much pleasure in watching me walk up to the top of the four story building and zoom off into a huge wooded area. I pretended it was no big deal- but when I got to the top and was having to trust a flimsy looking cable- I was trying to figure out the best plan if I needed to break my fall!

The point was to see how the students could change our speed by adding elements. For example, at one point they had a back pack with a large block of solid rock on my back (we learned I could go nearly 3 seconds faster!).

What was funny was that the third time I went down, the students had to figure out how to slow me down. They had me tie a tarp to my shoe laces and ride (and I quote...), "Like you are a flying squirrel!" down the zip line. I was excited to win the big prize because we succeeded in going the slowest (it took me a whole minute) to get all the way down to the ground. It was fun- and I may have earned a few brownie points with my kiddos--- One can only hope! :)

Other fun camp memories include making the pet llama, Tina, (hence Napolean Dynamite--- however Tina is a boy!) spit on one of the fifth graders, discovering the differences between boy and girl animals with my students, getting into a shouting match with another school over who is the "crunkety crunkest," and watching many of my students eat smores for the first time!

Ok, one more funny story! One of my "precious ones" asked the horseback riding instructor what he should do when his horse had to go to the bathroom. He replied, "Just keep walking... he'll just go as you're riding." His comment? "Well won't he have to squat down on the ground?" QUITE the learning experience, I say!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Here I am again...

I'm back. I really am going to try and be better about posting... I ran into a friend today who gently reminded me that she likes to keep up with me on my blog! I'm trying anew today!

So I'm about to head to Sky Ranch in Van, Texas with over 100 fifth grade students on Wednesday. It is a time that I really look forward to. Besides the academic benefits of hands-on science and outdoor learning; It is so neat to see all of the kids personalities come out of the wood work. Some of my shiest students become outgoing, and the kids also get to see us teachers in a new and different element. Each year both the students and teachers put on a skit, we get to go horse back riding, and I've even heard talk of a water slide this year! It is truly an experience that the students talk about for the rest of the year.

I must say that Spring Break has been fabulous. The Lord knew that I really needed this time to be rejuvenated for the rest of the school year. It can be a little crazy as the spring hormones set in among the children over the coming weeks. :)

On the same note- I know that in my earlier post (much earlier, I know) I mentioned the TAKS pressure and upcoming tests. I am overjoyed to say that the Father has truly given me the fruits of those labors, and I am resting in the knowledge that my students have overcome that hurdle for the year in reading!

Off to finish laundry and start packing!