Thursday, April 4, 2013

JB lately

They say it is always darkest before the dawn.  I know that's a little dramatic for this post, but JB was definitely going through what I would call a "needy" stage over the past month, which I think was magnified by how easy going he typically is, our ridiculously busy schedule, and him trying to grow 2 molars and learn how to walk simultaneously.  Whew! I'm tired just typing that.

Needless to say, one day he arrived at 16 months and the clouds rolled back and he was his happy self again! Ben was teasing the other day saying how much easier things had gotten, and its true.  So I started thinking it might be time to sit down and document some of the fun things that he is doing.

  • Walking! Hallelujah! Late crawling is totally overrated! Just kidding, but as they say kids just learn to do things when they want to do things- you can't rush them, it just happens.  It only took me 2 kids to figure this out ;)
  • Has all of his teeth (maybe 1 more to go?? It's hard to pry my way in there)
  • Parroting pretty much anything we say or ask him to try saying
  • Learning & initiating lots of words/phrases: Please, Thank you, Yes, Nooooo!, duck, duck, goose, Bible, tries to count "uuuuhhh, oooooo, eeeeee", I love you, umbrella, slide, walk, water, black, blue, Sissy, Jesus, book, brush, hat, sock, shoes, bath, bubbles, ball, sheeewy (stinky), diaper, bounce, peek-a-boo, baby, night-night,  (I'm sure there are more but that's all I can remember for now)
  • Points to head, eyes, ears, nose, "smelly belly", teeth, mouth, tongue, toes, hair
  • Trying more animal noises/recognizing animals
  • He can go get me a diaper when I ask him
  • Getting better about stopping when I ask him to come to me, instead of a full-on run away
  • Loves to clean and do laundry (just trying to train him for his future wife, right?)
  • He loves to do something funny and then cover his mouth and laugh at himself
  • Attempts hide and go seek, which usually means covering himself up with a blanket and then saying "uuunnn, ooooo, eeeee.... yaaaaaay!"
  • Likes to get some stage time. He loves singing into Emme's microphone, then throwing it on the floor and applauding himself and smiling huge. He might even dance a bit, or be know to request a Jazzercise DVD- ya I know, he's gonna love me for that....
  • Throwing things ranks pretty high on his list
  • Two words: people person.  We were are the shoe store getting sandals for Emme and he seriously crawled up into this random Grandpa's lap. Luckily the man was nice and not scary and sat there and held him until his wife was done shopping. When he told JB he needed to go now, JB started crying.  He needs his social calendar booked.  I can already tell he is sort of a "life of the party" type guy.  People make him happy, and he has never met a stranger.
  • Loves to sit in my lap and read book after book, which is always funny to me because he is so busy that the snuggly part of him still surprises me- but I love it.
  • Tackles anyone that is laying on the floor, and this is usually also how he gets his sister up from her room time. Luckily she's cool with it.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Random, Yet Typical Scenes from February

{random ecard that describes how i felt often during this month as Ben had a lot going on, sidenote: i don't function well without my hubby! love you, honey!} 





{There was also this show called Downton Abbey}

Becoming a Woman of Simplicity by Cynthia Heald 

 {and this awesome conference at DBC}
{embracing the joys of daily life}

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

First Haircuts

The kids both had their first haircuts on Sunday.  Emme loved every second and it was clear that she will forever enjoy being pampered (as every girl should!) If this is any indication of the reaction she will have from a pedicure... than she and mama have some relaxing, and fun girls' days planned for the future :)  I love Emme's style, and taking just 2 or 3 inches off of the bottom was great for her.  It was starting to get really tangled and "crunchy" for lack of a better word, and there were far too many tears over hair brushing so we are all pleased with the new do.  I loved watching her smile and pose in the mirrors like a little lady.

JB was not so excited.  He cried and carried on and then finally settled down about half way thru the cut.  I tipped the lady that did their cuts well, I will put it that way :)  I think it looks good on him though! I wasn't too sure about cutting his baby locks, but Ben was very insistent that it was time.  It's true what they say... that you literally feel like you are snipping away at their very babyhood when you cut a little boy's hair for the first time.  I was fighting back some tears of my own for sure.  He looks like a little man now- never fear though, he isn't walking yet- so I have plenty of baby snuggles and cuddles to keep me happy.  Good times :)

Friday, January 11, 2013

The JBster...

That is his nick name, love it or hate it later.  He's stuck ;)  It really does suit him.

At almost 14 months, he's yet to walk (unless you count 2 or 3 steps here and there).  Still an avid crawler and cruiser and adventurer extrodanaire.  I'm guessing someday he'll decide that walking can be a better mode of transportation- although being carried by Mommy is pretty appealing!

Always up for a hug or a cuddle, usually dishing out smiles a dime a dozen.

We're starting to get more words and signs. He's picked things up pretty quickly over the last 2 weeks or so.  I forgot how fun it is when the language barrier begins to come down :) 
- signs/says please
- signs thank you/blows kisses
- says animal noises for cow, dog, horse, sheep, lion, cat
- vroom for car/ hohoho for santa/ lalala for elmo
- says ball, Jesus, Bible, mama, dada, no, ya, dis (cue the index finger pointing), book, bye-bye
- points to head, hair, hat
- many random sound affects and he will try to mimic nearly any noise you make

I'm pretty bad at keeping track of milestones after my kids turn one, heck I haven't even finished JB's baby book yet, but I am going to try to make note of what I can when I have the time :)

An Emme Update

This is a post that has been long overdue.  It's pretty crazy, scary, and humbling how fast Emme is growing up.  As we are approaching 3 1/2 quickly, I suddenly feel myself wanting to capture every moment possible with her.  In so many ways she is the picture of innocence, imagination, care-free, exploration.  She is my deep girl. She has lots of layers, and is an intensely loyal person.  The more you know her, the more you know her.  If I could freeze frame this phase of life with her, I would certainly be tempted.

Here's the part where I randomly record a few things that stand out to me about her:

  • She is a doer and go-getter.  It is hard to get her down in terms of energy.  She can be dog-tired, but will push through a good week at least before giving into a nap.
  • I have always known she would be an independent girl, but seeing how she has channeled that lately is pretty neat to watch. I think she thinks kind of out-of-the-box (much more creatively than me).  She will design and create things.  She will fold her napkin into shapes for example.  She found a little felt postcard someone had sent us for Christmas and picked it up to use as a welcome mat for her little tikes house in the playroom. It really was just the right proportion.  That kind of stuff amazes me because I would never think to do something like that.  Her princesses are always having tea parties or getting ready for a parade. She has many times decorated their little castle with her dress-up jewelry.  I love her imagination.
  •  I have walked in on her several times in her room "just organizing" as she would say.  A few weeks ago she told me she really wanted to rearrange her room.  I see her in the future as having to do something with art, but also maybe math- like interior design or something.  She thinks very logically, but also so artistically. An interesting combo.
  • She is a planner and also has, I believe, the gift of service.  Just today we were at Chik-fil-a and while I was ordering she went behind me to the bar area and picked up 2 cups of cheerios, 2 ketchups, a straw for me, and table covers.  Her little hands were full as she headed back to where I was paying.  I had to remind her to stay by me but chuckled to myself because she was asking to go and set the table for us.  Again, I love this about her.  She shows initiative, and she isn't afraid to try. What a great quality for life! She loves to clean up the table for me, do laundry with me, tidy rooms, dust, put things into order. 
  • She loves her little brother. I mean loves. She still smothers him daily with hugs and kisses.  What I love is that she invites him into her world.  She wants him to be a part of her games and activities.  I always wait to get him up till after she is up because she feels that this is her job in the morning.  She is his number one defender and playmate.
  • Extremely communicative lately.  In another post, sometime soon, I hope to jot down some of things she's been sharing with us- both silly and serious ;)

Christmas Catch-Up

Since the New Year is here, I'd say it's about time I finished up with Christmas posts ;)

Mom and Dad came in the Thursday before Christmas.  It was an especially joyful time to have everyone together.  Just a couple of days after they arrived, we learned that my Granny had passed away.  It was bittersweet as she had been battling multiple health conditions and had lived a long and happy life.  My brother was able to come down to be here for a family memorial, so while we didn't like the circumstances- it was really nice to have my whole family (sans my sweet sis-in-law and nephew) in town.

While everyone was here we did lots of fun little things around the house like playing games and baking Christmas cookies.  Mom and I also had fun doing stocking stuffer shopping for the kids at the Dollar Tree. I'm always amazed at the awesome stuff I can find there when I take the time. 

Ben and Pappy also took Emme to Going Bonkers one day and they really had a great time.  One day we went to the Christmas Tree farm that they have at the same place that does the pumpkin patch in the Fall.  They don't charge for parking this time of year but have lots of the same fun activities for the kids.  Emme loved the bounce house and climbing up to the top of the "hay mountain."

On Christmas Eve we went to the service at DBC and then had Ben's parents over for a Christmas celebration.  They got JB his favorite gift by far, which was a little Mickey car that has buttons you can push.  We were shocked to see him mount it and push forward and ride it all by himself (what?! this from the child that doesn't walk yet). 

Christmas Day was a really fun and laid back day.  We hung around the house and my mom made home-made cinnamon rolls for us. Yummy!!  The kids opened their stockings and presents and played with new toys.  It was delightful .  Then we made a movie day of it.  Mom and I took the late morning/early afternoon shift.  We had to laugh because we were teasing... "WOW! This is such SNOWY weather we're having!"  It was pretty much pouring rain outside, but no snow.  When we came out of Les Miserables at around 3 pm... it was like a Winter Wonderland had come upon Denton.  What do you know, sometimes the weather man is right!  The boys went to go see a movie during the evening after bedtime too.  They braved the icey roads together. 

Emme and JB were sort of unimpressed. I think it was too cold for them! I know that sounds terrible considering we don't get snow very often. I think JB is too little to get it, and Emme went out with Ben several times- but once she figured out that making a snow man wasn't an option because the snow wouldn't stick, she was back inside. What can I say? :)

My family was able to stay through the New Year and we soaked up some much needed family and couple time.  Ben and I celebrated our 11th anniversary with an overnight date to Frisco, and enjoyed a movie, shopping, eating out, and lots of coffee!  It was a very refreshing time and gave us a good jump start for 2013.