Wednesday, August 15, 2012

9 months old

Can you tell it has been an emotional couple of weeks? ;)  Just after Emme turned 3 (see previous post haha), my little "goofbot" is 9 months. Sigh! Gush!! Tears! No really, that whole time in a bottle concept, I would buy it. Ok, done talking about it now, haha.

At 9 months old, JB has had quite a busy month.  A few highlights:

  • Crawling. all. over. the. place.  Fast! Have to keep doors closed if I don't want him to find certain things.  Need to mop and sweep a lot more and watch for small pieces in Emme's toys.  Fun stuff :)
  • Pulling up.  Thinkin' about cruising too...
  • One word: BUSY!  He loves to be in the middle of whatever action is going on.  He hears the word, "No." quite a bit right now because we are in the process of teaching boundaries and all of that good stuff.
  • Eating 3 meals a day of baby food and smallish table foods like diced fruits and veggies and puffs.  Still nursing 3 times a day and getting one bottle feeding.
  • He just started waving and really distinctly saying 'mama' and 'dada' to get our attention. 
  • Growing like a weed.  Like a good mom I waited a long time to schedule an appointment, so we won't know till he's almost 10 months the actual figure... but I'm guessing he's gained a few lb's and inches since 6 months hehe. ;)
LOVE my little boy!! He's just too yummy, and fun, and funny, and delightful.  A gift from God!!

Emme is 3

Dear Emme,

I'm not sure how it happened so quickly, but you are now 3 years old.  It has been a year full of growth and change for you and it has been an awesome experience to see how you have flourished.  Over the past 12 months, we have watched you become such a little lady.  What a joy and a pleasure it is for us to be your parents.  God has amazing plans in store for you.

Here are a few of your favorite things:
  • The color pink.  There is a fun book series called Pinkalicious that has kind of fueled your fire.
  • Music.  We have some pretty rockin' dance parties together.  And I love it when you learn Jazzercise routines with me.  You especially like the stretch songs.  And you definitely change up your dancing between the lyrical things and the upbeat tunes.
  • Having increased independence and the ability to do many things by yourself.  It's been a process this year, but you are learning how to do things "alone" in a respectful and obedient way and asking to do them with the right tone of voice :)  Oh wait... I think I'm still learning about that too.
  • Playing make-believe, doctor, mommy, ballerina, pop-star, princess, grocery store
  • Dressing up- you have specific outfits for specific occasions, but you really love tutus
  • Dressing yourself, you especially love to wear dresses all the time ("because they twirl")
  • Playing with make up and jewelry
  • Playing with your brother/hugging him. a lot.  Wow, Emme Lou.  In so many ways you have shown me what love is.  And what it means to serve others too- you have a servant heart for your brother, and you often think of his needs first.  I think that God has given you a sensitivity to others' emotions and I pray you keep listening to how He directs you. 
  • Cooking & baking with mommy.  You are actually getting pretty good at following directions on a box of brownies or muffins.  You know which pans and bowls we will need. You can crack an egg without any of the shell getting in the bowl most of the time.  You can read the numbers off so we know to set the oven at 3..2..5.. Some of my favorite memories from this year are being with you in the kitchen.
  • Room time- you are a big girl now, so you only nap a couple of times a week, the other days you spend 2.5 hours in your room just playing with toys, making up games, or as you told me last week, "organizing things. " (a woman after my own heart!) This is when I really see your imagination come out.  It seems like you have some really great adventures.  Whether it is building things with blocks, "reading" books, putting your babies down for a nap, or cooking something in your kitchen, sometimes I like to stick my head by your door and hear you talking while you play.
  • Memorizing things.  It can be scary for us some times because we know you are REALLY listening a lot now.  But you are getting to where you have books completely memorized and can fill in the words.  You can remember Scripture verses and songs.  Again, this is where I am really praying that the Lord will protect you and keep you close to His heart!
  • Swimming has been really fun for you this summer.  You are a little fish, and I think you will love to do lessons maybe next year.
  • You are very interested in ballet and gymnastics, so we will see about maybe giving you an outlet to learn more about them sometime soon.
  • Artsy things, playdough, cutting with scissors, markers, crayons, stickers, finger painting, anything from Hobby Lobby....
  • Letters and numbers.  They are starting to come alive to you! It is neat to watch your mind becoming more intentional with understanding them.  You still love to spell your name and can count to 20 (then teen numbers are sort of interchangeable though haha, my favorite is when you say "five-teen").  You know probably 20 letters or so.  The teacher in me gets excited for you and all you will learn this year.
  • Spending time with your buddies!  You get very, very happy when we get to play with Rylan and Ransom.  They are kind of your peeps.  All activities are automatically more fun if they are going to be there :)
  • Any time you get very happy you let out this cute high-pitched sound. 
My beautiful girl.  I love you more intensely every day.  Thank you for being you, and for teaching me what it means to be a mama. 

I can't wait to see what Jesus has in store for you this year!
Love you,