Wednesday, January 30, 2013

First Haircuts

The kids both had their first haircuts on Sunday.  Emme loved every second and it was clear that she will forever enjoy being pampered (as every girl should!) If this is any indication of the reaction she will have from a pedicure... than she and mama have some relaxing, and fun girls' days planned for the future :)  I love Emme's style, and taking just 2 or 3 inches off of the bottom was great for her.  It was starting to get really tangled and "crunchy" for lack of a better word, and there were far too many tears over hair brushing so we are all pleased with the new do.  I loved watching her smile and pose in the mirrors like a little lady.

JB was not so excited.  He cried and carried on and then finally settled down about half way thru the cut.  I tipped the lady that did their cuts well, I will put it that way :)  I think it looks good on him though! I wasn't too sure about cutting his baby locks, but Ben was very insistent that it was time.  It's true what they say... that you literally feel like you are snipping away at their very babyhood when you cut a little boy's hair for the first time.  I was fighting back some tears of my own for sure.  He looks like a little man now- never fear though, he isn't walking yet- so I have plenty of baby snuggles and cuddles to keep me happy.  Good times :)